Temple Grounds

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Temple Grounds

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

You’re not alone. In the modern world, we’re all running low on time and energy while the stressors, toxins, and extra weight stacks on. It’s a slippery slope that we all have to deal with and modern medicine has absolutely failed in helping us with this issue. In fact, most people feel less vitality each year and this has nothing to do with “natural” aging. Something is wrong and we can all feel it. When that spark of life is missing, our health, our relationships, our careers, and our moods are all impacted in a negative way.

Ancient Practices To The Rescue

When I was a young man in the martial arts, I’d go to tournaments with my teacher regularly. He’d point out the legends in the room. One would be walking with a cane. Another limping on a bad leg. The hard hitting martial arts guys were all beat up and injured. Then I’d see a healthy and robust looking person gliding across the room and I’d ask, “Who’s that?” The answer was always “oh she’s a Tai Chi master” or “he’s a Qi Gong guy.” That quickly changed my mind about my path. I wanted to be healthy, happy, and full of life through my training- not beat up and achy all the time.

Enter The Temple Grounds

These practices changed my life and I began teaching them to students and patients locally. In turn, their lives were changed for the better and I could see the positive energy rippling through their lives and those of their families. As I was busy in my healthcare career, it dawned on me that teaching people “how to fish” through these practices was the single most important thing I could do. I began recording them in order to preserve their integrity and then I began teaching them more broadly in my Urban Monk Academy. They all live in a course called “The Temple Grounds” which I consider the inner sanctum of all I teach.

If you’re tired of reading about it or listening to lectures, it’s time to get to work and bring these practices into your life. It’s the most important step you can take towards personal power and independence. It’ll bring you back to life and fuel your dreams and aspirations. No kidding. I can show you the practices but you’ve got to do the work.

Are you ready?