Healing Emotional Trauma

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Healing Emotional Trauma

The Weight You Carry is Holding You Back

Imagine this: every time you face trauma is like a rock you stumble upon. Some rocks may be smaller and manageable, others may be large and burdensome. Now, imagine picking up each of those rocks throughout your life and placing them in a backpack. The older you get, the more rocks you have and the more burden you carry. Eventually, these rocks will become tiresome even on the flat surface of an easy day. But when you’re trying to climb - when you’re trying to grow in life - these rocks make it nearly impossible...always pulling you back down.

All of us experience trauma throughout life. Some trauma, like abuse and violence, are large rocks that are easily identified. If you’re lucky, your trauma is an accumulation of small to medium size rocks that don’t add noticeable weight at the time. But therein lies the problem! We’re so good at just picking up the rocks and moving on with our lives. This can be detrimental to your future...

Heal Trauma, Move forward

In this 18 module course, you'll be walked through, via video instruction, healing modalities to transform your life. 

There’s a way to heal the traumas of the past without dragging through the mud endlessly. If you’re tired of shouldering the burden but don’t have the time and energy to dig into it each week without a foreseeable end, you’re ready for this.