Functional Fitness Masterclass

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Functional Fitness Masterclass

Getting in shape and staying in shape require lots of things to work correctly. Old injuries and nagging aches and pains are often telling us something about the functional anatomy of our bodies.

Sometimes "pushing through" the pain is the worst advice.

"No pain no gain" doesn’t work with joint issues.

Injuries slow us down and they kill our progress. They kill our consistency and momentum.

Enter the Functional Fitness Masterclass.

Three experts from various disciplines have been brought together to help you assess where you need to improve and then work your way up in a sane progression.

No more "weekend warrior" injuries for you. Let’s use the best of sports science to help you work up to a level of functional fitness.

What will you see as a result?

  • Improved Balance
  • Improved Muscle Tone
  • Better Dexterity
  • Better Flexibility
  • Better Endurance
  • Low Likelihood of Injury

All serious athletes train like this. Why not you? Can you afford another injury? Can you afford to be sidelined for a few weeks or months? That’s how people gain weight, get stiff, lose motivation, and frankly, never bounce back.

That shall not be your fate.

Let’s get you functionally fit today.


Modules Include:

Joint Health

  • Module 1: Lower Body Joint Assessment
  • Module 2: Upper Body Joint Assessment
  • Module 3: Lower Body Strength Movements
  • Module 4: Lower Body Workout
  • Module 5: Hip Rotation
  • Module 6: Hip Flection and Extension
  • Module 7: Spinal Flection and Extensions
  • Module 8: Spinal Segmentation
  • Module 9: Shoulder Rotation
  • Module 10: Shoulder Extension
  • Module 11: Warming Up
  • Module 12: 20 Minute Mobility Workout

Functional Yoga

  • Module 1: Aligning Postures
  • Module 2: Transitions
  • Module 3: Warrior Postures
  • Module 4: Balance Postures
  • Module 5: Forward Folding
  • Module 6: Hips & Yoga
  • Module 7: Core & Yoga
  • Module 8: Core & Warrior Poses
  • Module 9: Arms, Shoulders & Neck
  • Module 10: Balanced Warrior
  • Module 11: Living in Alignment
  • Module 12: Integration

Functional Training

  • Module 1: Mind Body Connection
  • Module 2: Mind Body Baseline
  • Module 3: Legs And Balance
  • Module 4: Proper Movement
  • Module 5: Hips & Glute Mobility
  • Module 6: Hips & Glute Strengthening
  • Module 7: Core And Trunk Stabilization
  • Module 8: Core & Trunk Strength
  • Module 9: Shoulder Mobility
  • Module 10: Shoulder Strengthening
  • Module 11: Full Body Mobility
  • Module 12: Full Body Training