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The Union of Sexuality and Spirituality

Human beings have two paths to immortality. The first is procreation - the sex uge which biologically preserves our genes into future generations. This natural instinct is embedded in our very being and is something we have in common with all of life. Our species must survive and propagate...we must multiply and grow.

This urge is deeply tied to our being and is biologically and instinctively embedded in our psyche. When in a healthy expression, it leads to children and grandchildren- giving us deep meaning and connection in life. When out of balance, it leads to unhealthy cravings, porn addiction, longing, desire, and lots of anxiety. This happens when it is misdirected and chaotic.

The Tantric Path

I’m an ordained Abbot of an unbroken Taoist lineage of which Tantra is an important practice. We don't ignore our sexuality. We don’t judge it and stuff it away. It isn’t base and impure. Our sexual energy is the very core of our life force. We learn to tap into it and control it’s flow. We redirect the urge to waste it and coax it up our spine to activate and energize our chakras (called dantiens in Taoist practice.) With continued practice, this powerful reserve of life energy charges and revitalizes all aspects of our existence.

Our misdirected sexual energy is the missing ingredient in our health, vitality, and our missing sense of purpose. If you’re tired, lost, and disconnected from the power of your true sexual charge, it’s time to learn Tantra.

This practice isn’t for everyone. It’ll kick up energy and challenge you to grow in ways you’ve never experienced. It’s best to have a trusted partner to practice with as we will learn and do the breathing exercises weekly and work with a partner. If you’ve had a history of trauma and sexual abuse, I ask that you enroll in our Healing Emotional Trauma course first and heal those wounds. Tantra can kick up a lot of energy from your past and it can be very unsettling if you’ve been avoiding things. It’s a powerful path towards self illumination that will challenge you along the way. That said, on the other side, the spark of life that you’ve been missing is waiting for you.

If this sounds good, make sure you’re ready for the journey and join me in this course.

This course is part of the Urban Monk Academy which is filled with valuable resources and teachings that can help you on your journey. You can choose to enroll in this course individually, or purchase the whole Academy and enjoy all of the content in one bundle.

You get to choose!