Life Garden

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Life Garden

Your Life: With Meaning, Purpose, and Direction

Do you feel like the years are coming and going and you’re still not getting where you thought you’d be by now? Have life’s circumstances gotten in the way of your dreams and aspirations? Are you struggling to get through your “to do” lists each day and waking up tired and further behind the next morning?

You are not alone.

Life didn’t come with an instruction manual and the modern world keeps piling on more stressors, responsibilities, and worries each day. It’s hard to feel whole when everything around us is spinning in chaos. It’s difficult to maintain focus and take care of our lives when we’re being pulled in so many directions. It’s challenging to feel hope for the future when the walls seem to be caving in all around us.

There is a Better Way

Enter the Urban Monk. I was a Taoist monk who studied with masters of pretty much every tradition out there and was an acetic- meaning I had renounced the world and was off contemplating life in the Himalayas. I realized the world was getting worse while my fellow monks and I were tucked away in monasteries so I decided to come down and take on a regular life again. The place I could make a difference was down here.

It wasn’t easy to make the switch.

Having a job, bills, dogs, kids, and daily stressors really challenged me to make the systems I was trained in work for people down here...people living in the trenches of society. I had to find that balance in my own life- running a medical group and then becoming a best selling author and filmmaker. I’m no stranger to bills and deadlines. I started with zero dollars and had to figure out the “work thing” on my own. Over the years, I figured out how to find work-life balance for myself and thousands of patients and students in my communities.

I call it the “Life Garden” system and it’s a framework designed to help you map out your priorities and water the most important plants first. This way, you’re moving forward with your life- your health, your family relations, your career, and yes, your dreams. Yes, you deserve to live the life of your dreams. The world brow beats us into settling for a job and living a life of mediocrity. That’s such a waste of this gift called life. I’ll help you break free of that silly trance and step into your potential.
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