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Yoga Tune Up

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In stock

This practice focuses on the journey of self empowerment through yoga. Through various flows, you can open the nadi, or energy channels of the body and enjoy the peace and serenity that a deep yoga practice can bring into your life.

Courses Include:

  • Why Yoga? Why now?
  • Say YES to Feeling Good
  • Yoga for Healthy Low Back
  • Personal Power & Vitality
  • A Courageous Heart
  • Yoga for Creativity & Harmony
  • Yoga for Meditation
  • Root to Rise
  • Yoga for Digestive Health
  • Embracing Possibility
  • Practice Gratitude
  • Self Acceptance
  • Live in the Now
  • Prioritize Yourself
  • Stability and Freedom
  • Anxiety Release
  • From Burnout to Radiant Glow
  • Centered and Confident
  • Trip Around the Hips
  • Love Your Low Back
  • Love Your Neck and Shoulders
  • Hamstring and Heartstring
  • Headstand for Beginners
  • Anchored in You - Hip and Back Release
  • Headstand for Beginners and Beyond
  • The Full-Wheel Deal
  • Water - Fluid Well Being
  • Earth: Grounded and Present
  • Fire - Abundant Energy
  • Air - Lightness & Ease
  • Space- Releasing Attachments
  • At Home In The Body
  • Free Flow of Vital Energy
  • Compassion & Self Acceptance
  • Bliss Embodied - Release Tension
  • Creating Space Between Your Thoughts
  • The Edge Of Chill
  • The Deepest Peace
  • Begin As You Wish To Proceed
  • Learn To Let Go
  • Embrace Uncertainty