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The Great Heist: Awaken Your Financial Freedom Course

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In stock

Awaken Your Financial Freedom Course

Financial education is more important than ever before. We all know that. 

Why is there no financial education in schools? 

Unfortunately, this total disregard for financial literacy in our education leaves us at a loss when it comes to building wealth. Many are faced with crushing "bad debt" and working in jobs that will never let us climb our way out of it. 

This course was specifically made to change all of that. 

These 10 lessons are not designed to give you answers or tell you what to do as they do in school. They are specifically designed to inspire you to learn more and find the answers that work best for you. 

This course also includes a digital copy of The Great Heist Film. 


  • Module 01: How To Awaken Your Financial Genius
  • Module 02: How Debt Makes You Richer
  • Module 03: How Taxes Make You Richer
  • Module 04: How Crashes Make the Rich Richer
  • Module 05: How Laws Make The Rich Richer
  • Module 06: How Generosity Makes The Rich Richer
  • Module 07: How To Retire Young And Retire Rich
  • Module 08: How Failures Make The Rich Richer
  • Module 09: What To Teach Kids About Money
  • Module 10: Why The Rich Don’t Live Below Their Means
  • Bonus 1: The Great Heist Documentary Film
  • Bonus 2: How to Buy Your First Investment Property e-book
  • Bonus 3: 6 Rules for Investing in Stocks e-book
  • Bonus 4: Freedom From Bad Debt e-book
  • Bonus 5: How to Make Meaningful Goals and Resolutions e-book
  • Bonus 6: Managing Your Money e-book
  • Bonus 7: 8 Financial Scams Disguised as Wisdom e-book
  • Bonus 8: The Beginner’s Guide to Personal Finance e-book
  • Bonus 9: The Rich Dad’s Wealth Experts newsletter (6 months subscription!)
  • Bonus 10: Wealth Factory® bundle
  • Bonus 11: Prosperity film
  • Bonus 12: Prosperity roadmap
  • Bonus 13: 7 Proven Strategies Used by Top Real Estate Investing Experts
  • Bonus 14: 5 Strategies for Making Money in Real Estate This Year