Hormone Health Masterclass

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The Hormone Health Masterclass

This powerful masterclass is designed to empower you to take control of your hormonal health. It’s designed for women who are tired of being ignored or having their health “mansplained” to them.

You don’t feel well? Why?

Feeling some changes and losing sleep? What can you do?

Being told you need pills or creams? Here’s how you think about it.

Follow a seasoned doctor’s advice and learn how to optimize your hormones to live your best life. Your regular doctor doesn’t have time, do they? Do they even listen?

Here’s a doctor who’s spent her career listening and is now a beacon of light in the world of women’s hormones.


  • Module 1: Know Your Hormones
  • Module 2: The Big Three
  • Module 3: Your Metabolism
  • Module 4: Hormone Disruptors
  • Module 5: PMS and Mood Swings
  • Module 6: Essential Gut Health
  • Module 7: Stressed Adrenals
  • Module 8: Controlling Blood Sugar
  • Module 9: Maintaining Sex Drive
  • Module 10: Replacement Therapy
  • Module 11: Managing Menopause
  • Module 12: Vaginal Health Longevity
  • Module 13: Aging Solutions
  • Module 14: Anxiety & Depression