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Conscious Parenting

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Raise Resilient, Whole-Hearted, and Empowered Kids - Join a community of childhood experts, active parents, and even kids themselves to support the growth of our next generation. This 9 part documentary series explores the challenges to parenting in the modern world. From devices to drugs, from yelling to over nurturing, what’s the right approach?

Our parents got a lot of things wrong but, in a way, they also had it easy. There was a “formula” that was to be followed…one passed on each generation. The problem is that it was broken. Trauma, poor judgment, parental disagreements, and more all led to us entering a new phase.

Now the experts tell us what to do and it doesn’t always feel right. Are these kids better off or are they doomed to get crushed in an ever changing world? It’s a very difficult time to be alive- let alone to be a parent.

We went about interviewing the world’s leading experts in an effort to bring you this raw, authentic, and powerful piece. There are a lot of different opinions out there and yet there’s also a lot the experts agree on. 

Join us in Conscious Parenting and learn how to do it just a little bit better. Generations to come will benefit from you doing this!


EPISODE 1: What is Conscious Parenting?

  • I’M TRIGGERED! Experts and parents alike share the #1 skill for conscious parenting.
  • Resolve or Relive: How unexamined and inherited beliefs and problems create patterns in your home.
  • At what age are most of your mannerisms engrained? What about the age your basic adult personality is formed?
  • Ways that our own unmet needs infect our parenting: Determine if you are demanding what you didn’t get as a child…from your kids

EPISODE 02: Early Childhood Development: Making Room for Intentions and Flexibility

  • Emotions – not just behaviors: Yes, it’s a tantrum…and it’s also a big feeling. Join the discussion about how to navigate a child’s emotional landscape.
  • Sense of belonging: Learn how to help your baby feel like part of the community — even when they begin to seek independence.
  • Your growth buttons! Kids sure know how to push them — and find out why that’s actually a positive thing.

  • The benefit of natural consequences: By experiencing the bounds of nature, children can apply similar lessons to this additional set of important “laws.”

EPISODE 03: Technology: A Love/Hate Relationship

  • In technology-affluent communities, THIS vital life skill decreases dramatically: Explore how to infuse it back into face-to-face relationships.
  • Monitoring how you “use” technology in relationship to your kids: Is it a punishment? Or perhaps a babysitter? Who decides when time is up? Discover healthy ways to incorporate tech into your family life.
  • “Do as I say, not as I do.” Take this opportunity to reflect on your own technology usage and how you can model alternatives.
  • The impact of bullying: Keep an eye out for these symptoms that your child is being bullied – either in person or online.

EPISODE 04: Education: Beyond School

  • You’ll be shocked when you hear that our current curriculum was designed before the invention of THIS: And why that signifies a necessary change.
  • Are you aware of what emotion is driving you to over-schedule your kids? Take a moment with our experts and parents to reflect and examine.
  • What does the test prove? Education experts describe ways to build skills that don’t fit well on a spreadsheet (like resiliency, whole-heartedness, and empowerment!).
  • The Homeschool Wave: Hear from the growing number of parents who are homeschooling their kids and discover what the research is saying.

EPISODE 05: What’s Hurting Our Kids: Strategies to Nourish Wellness

  • Over 150 toxins are in a newborn’s umbilical cord: A toxicology expert reveals what you can do once they’re outside the womb.
  • No natural food is neon colored! You can get kids to make healthy food decisions from a young age.
  • What percentage of serotonin is produced in the gut? Get real life strategies for feeding your children’s microbiome.
  • Structured Activities vs. Boredom: Experts reveal the pros and cons of both while parents discuss balancing them in daily life.

EPISODE 06: Too Much Stuff: When Do You Stop?

  • Is this a want or a need? Go on one family’s journey during a hard, lean time — and learn what they gained.
  • Brands are marketing to you as a parent too! How to notice and regulate the desire to buy more stuff when we think it will make us better parents.
  • What are your purchases imposing on your kids? This parent’s story may surprise you.

EPISODE 07: Needing Nature: A Visceral Sense of Health & Wonder

  • Who is more likely to create a new game? Kids in nature-scapes or in asphalt environments? The science is clear…
  • Did you know that most Silicon Valley execs have cabins in nature specifically to unplug? AND they put their kids in nature schools! Find out why.
  • Shoes can be referred to as “sensory deprivation chambers.”: Do you know why you have over 20 bones in your feet?
  • Bob Dylan grew up in Hibbing, MN (a land of frozen cornfields): What can that teach us about allowing children to be BORED in nature?

EPISODE 08: Empowered Parenting: New Rhythms, Routines & Boundaries

  • How to decipher between learning challenges and natural differences in development: Wouldn’t it be great if we all had an individualized learning plan?
  • Do fart jokes help? Peek into how one family models humor to support one another.
  • Find one surprising cure for ADD: It has nothing to do with drugs…It’s a learnable skill!

EPISODE 09: Existential Threats: Tools for Young Minds to Process a Complex World

  • This major shift in parenting: Compared to any other generation is proving to be a powerful tool in the new normal and a way to stay relevant with our kids as they age.
  • Assessing what kids understand: Practice questions to ask your child when they bring up societal threats.
  • Discern fact from fiction: Discover ways to be a source of truth for your kids when they broach challenging topics.
  • How a Mr. Rogers’ quote allows us to guide kids through world-wide disasters: It teaches them to look for and model supportive behaviors.

Do we so badly want to get it “right”… that we miss what’s truly important?

Modern parenting can sometimes feel like a laundry list of boxes to check and challenges to handle…

Toxins are in the air, water, food, and household… Technology is taking over creativity and connection… Outside influences and peer pressure stifle children’s independence… Lack of motivation and fear of failure curb kids’ natural desire to contribute… And on and on.

Plus, as parents, we have our own triggers from past unmet needs that we unwittingly unleash on our kids. We struggle to keep them fed and get them to classes. We have short fuses, dramas, and time crunches. The world’s toughest job can feel very lonely and overwhelming. And the last we want to do – tempting though it can be sometimes – is perpetuate the cycle of trauma by lashing out at our kids. (By the way, that doesn’t make you a bad parent – it makes you HUMAN.)

That’s why a new path is emerging that is allowing both parents and kids to…

Not be “perfect”…but present.

Not bombard kids with information…but support each other with connection.

Not deflate hopes…but build confidence.

Package Includes:

  • All 9 Video Modules 
  • Transcripts of Each Module for you to Study at Home
  • The Mindfinity! Bonus Modules - Learn How to Learn
  • Bonus- 10 Ways to Replace Old World Parenting
  • Bonus- 10 Ways to Parent with Natural Consequences
  • Bonus - Colored Food Checklist
  • Bonus- Parent’s Guide to Digital Hygiene