Brain Health

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People often believe they know what they need to know about their major organs. But when it comes to the brain, how much does the average person know? Many of us are lost when it comes to brain health, but luckily Dr. David Perlmutter is here to teach us all you need to know. 

A multiple NY Times best selling author and famous neurologist, Dr Perlmutter gives us the evidence-based best practices to keep our brains healthy and avoid cognitive decline.

Taught in an easy-to-follow format, Dr Perlmutter gives actionable tips at every turn. You’ll walk away with excellent knowledge on how to care better for your brain by one of the fathers of functional medicine.

If you or someone you know is suffering to maintain their brain health, this course is a must.


  • Introduction
  • Module 1 - Maintain Your Brain
  • Module 2- Gut Brain Axis
  • Module 3 - Gluten
  • Module 4- Leaky Gut
  • Module 5 - Uric Acid
  • Module 6 - Nutrition & Diet 1
  • Module 7 - Nutrition & Diet 2
  • Module 8 - Sleep
  • Module 9 - Neurotransmitters
  • Module 10 - Mood Disorders
  • Module 11 - Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  • Module 12 - The LUV Diet