Anti-Blue Light Led Bulb (Red)

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With the introduction of the Better Nights Anti-Blue Light LED Bulb, Swanwick brings all of our scientific research and expertise to the home lighting game and blows everyone out of the water.

While LED bulbs are the most energy-efficient, they emit far more blue light than the incandescent bulbs we grew up with. This means we’re being exposed to blue light not only from digital devices, but from simply being in a room with LED lighting!

In a Harvard research experiment on blue light exposure, researchers found exposure to blue light suppressed melatonin production in subjects for twice the amount of time as green light did. Researchers also found blue light shifted circadian rhythms by double the time that green light did (3 hours compared to 1.5 hours). Source: Harvard Health Letter, Blue light has a dark side.

Many indoor LED bulbs emit vast amounts of blue light, creating an environment that can confuse the body’s circadian rhythm at the worst time––right before bedtime. With our Anti-Blue LED bulbs, you can enjoy lighting free from blue light that disrupts circadian rhythms, empowering you to fall asleep effortlessly.